Providing Comprehensive Behavior Analysis Services

1.   Behavior Consultation

Behavior Understood Applied Behavior Analysis Services, P.C., offers the following services for children, adolescents, and adults diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders (ASD):

  • Conduct functional behavior assessments of problematic behavior
  • Develop evidence-based behavioral interventions to decrease problematic behaviors while teaching compensatory and appropriate replacement behaviors
  • Conduct data analysis on an ongoing basis to ensure treatment effectiveness
  • Train individual clients on compensatory life skills
  • Train parents, siblings, teachers, and other caretakers on the effective implementation of behavioral interventions and related behavioral principles
  • Teach individual clients life skills necessary to become an independent and productive members of their community
  • Conduct social skills groups that address the individual needs of each group participant
  • Conduct empowering Behavior Understood training classes for parents and siblings
  • Provide home-based ABA services

Home and Community-Based Behavior Consultation

Whether problematic behaviors occur in the home, community, or the transition between, behavioral consultation is conducted wherever and whenever problematic behaviors occur. Services include:

  • Teach parents, siblings, and their families as well as the learner’s caregivers and providers more effective and proactive strategies to manage and replace unwanted problematic behavior
  • Teach learners to replace problem behavior with more appropriate, alternative behavior and forms of communication

We also teach parents and learners:

  • How to appropriately communicate their needs and wants
  • Increase compliance and follow through with requests and do so independently and or in response to parent requests
  • Decrease problematic behaviors (i.e. aggression, self-injurious behavior, self-stimulatory behaviors, etc.)
  • Increase the learner’s ability to attend to a task for extended periods of time
  • Assist learners with developing self-regulatory skills
  • Teach learners how to effectively manage: denial and delay of preferred objects/activities
  • Develop activities of daily living (i.e. showering, toileting, dressing, tooth brushing, meal preparation, job-related duties, etc.)
  • Vocational guidance and development
  • Social skills training
  • Bedwetting treatment
  • Toilet training
  • Teach learners compensatory skills to replace impulsive behaviors such as aggression, elopement, tantrums, etc.

School-Based Behavior Consultation

Our school consultation services include:

  • Functional assessment of problematic behavior
  • Development of student-centered behavior intervention plans
  • Implementation of practical data collection procedures
  • Ongoing and classroom-based behavioral consultation
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Teacher, staff, and care provider training
  • Parent training
  • Professional development training
  • Advocate for student’s educational, academic and curriculum-based needs
  • Assist CSE/CPSE teams in the development of the student’s IEP goals and necessary accommodations

2.   Social Skills Groups

Effective and appropriate social skills are one of the most essential skills a person possesses to live an enriching, rewarding and productive life. Social groups vary in age and level of functioning. Group size is based on effectiveness, small and larger groups are available and assembled based on participant needs.

Participants are carefully assigned to groups based on their behavioral needs. During groups, various socialization and interpersonal skills are identified and developed.

Topics Include:

  • Appropriate eye contact and body language
  • Initiating and maintaining an appropriate conversation
  • Initiating, establishing, and maintaining friendships including platonic and romantic relationships
  • Couple and small group activity planning
  • Conflict resolution
  • Healthy and respectful conversational skills (empathy, compassion, etc.)

3.   Supervision

Meets BACB criteria to provide supervision for BCBA candidates, BCaBA’s, and RBTs.

Interested candidates are encouraged to call or email to make an appointment